Parker’s Heritage Collection, 2009 Golden Anniversary Bourbon Whiskey




Parker’s Heritage Collection

Parker’s Heritage, 2009 Golden Anniversary Bourbon Whiskey

Moreover, This impossibly rare Golden Anniversary Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey. Was produce at the Heaven Hill’s distillery. And bottle as the Third Edition release for the Parker’s Heritage Collection in 2009.

Meanwhile, This fabulous Bourbon was bottle at 100 proof (50% ABV), is one of just 4,500 limited bottling’s and has often been describ as the unicorn of the series!

Further, The Parker’s Heritage Collection is a tribute to the 6th generation Master Distiller, Parker Beam, for his years of service to the distilling industry. This release celebrates his Golden 50th Anniversary, with barrels hand selecte by Parker from each of his five decades and marrie together creating a unique and fitting tribute to a half century of Bourbon making.

Meanwhile, I had one that had been low and cheap a few years back (WF 70), but it had been bottle at 40% vol. Sazerac stuff. Colour: gold. Nose: classic bourbon, on vanilla, a little varnish, a flowery side (gorse, perhaps?) and praline. Distant whiffs of tomato plants and an ultra-tiny umaminess. So, this is totally not unpleasant, on the contrary. Parker’s Heritage Collection

Further, Mouth: not quite, this feeling of thin plank juice is a little cheap. Breadcrumbs, vanilla, touches of lavender, coconut, butterscotch, mead, and indeed sawdust. Finish: medium, a little empty. Oak. Comments: not bad at all, just a little uninteresting. And not really motivatin


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