Firstly, Glenfiddich is one of three William Grant-owned whisky distilleries. Which sit in relatively close proximity to each other to the north of Dufftown, the spiritual heart of Speyside. Founded in 1886, by William Grant Balvenie fame, the Glenfiddich distillery. Is currently one of but three distilleries to bottle on site And houses stills with a total annual capacity of 13 million litres. Furthermore, Glenfiddich matures its single malt whisky in its onsite warehouses, which can house up to 800,000 casks. Malt is bought in, a proportion of this is malted at the neighbouring Balvenie distillery.

The range is now large and includes several cask finishes as well as a 2002-released 1937 vintage. Of which there are just sixty-one bottles. Each came with a recommended Glenfiddich price of £10,000.

Glenfiddich was the first distillery with a visitor centre. Which today receives 125,000 visitors per annum and underwent a £1.7 million rebuild in 2005. So, world famous, Glenfiddich is the number one top-selling single malt whisky not only in the UK, but also globally.

Following the end of the Second World War and the resulting surge in whisky demand. Glenfiddich was a relatively small brand and faced hefty competition from the blended. Scotch brands which held a veritable monopoly on the market.

Rather than competing directly. Glenfiddich concentrated on single malt sales and in 1963 became the first Scotch whisky to be marketed as such. Flying proudly in the face of critics. The gamble paid off, and eleven years later sixteen new stills were installed to cope with demand.

However, in 2010, a rather extreme weather accident create a unique opportunity. Heavy snowfall cause some of the warehouse roofs to collapse, exposing maturing casks to the elements, a frosty -19°C! People were working round the clock to save the casks, and as a tribute to them. The Malt Master created Snow Phoenix, marrying the rescue casks to create a limite edition single malt. In 2016, the distillery introduce its Experimental Series. Which has resulte in a few very popular expressions. Including Winter Storm and an IPA cask-finishe single malt.