Macallan 1861 Replica


  • Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling

70cl / 42.7%



Macallan 1861 Replica

Firstly, Macallan 1861  is a very rare Macallan. The second in the series of Macallan’s Replica Series to recreate the style of whisky from the nineteenth century. Now discontinue.

Meanwhile, this is the second in a series of controversial replica bottlings of Macallan 1861 Replica from the distillery. Whatever the provenance of the bottles that are replicate. The whisky is highly regarde. This one appeare in 2002.

Moreover, the Macallan Distillers Ltd acquire a very rare bottle of the Macallan  from a private collection in 1998. And presente Bob Dalgarno, whisky maker, with the challenge of replicating it. They drew a tiny sample from the bottle and together with his team of expert nosers. Began searching for whisky which matche the profile.

In the words of the company itself: The Macallan  has been create as a replica of the style, nose and flavour of an original bottle of The Macallan, distilled in 1861.

In conclusion, as well as replicating the whisky they are determine to recreate the 1861 bottle and labels. The challenge for Stolzle Flaconnage is to reproduce the idiosyncratic irregularities. Of a mid 19th century mouth blown bottle with 21st century technology. To reconstruct the labels, calligrapher, Carol Kemp, re-drew the individual letters while illustrator Brian Taylor reproduce the sketch.


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