Old Forester Bourbon Birthday Edition 2020 750ml




Old Forester Bourbon Birthday Edition 2020 750ml

Old Forester Bourbon Birthday Edition 2020

The 2020 edition of the annual expression celebrating the birthday of George Gavin Brown marks the 150th anniversary of Old Forester. 95 barrels of this 10-year-old were picked out, one entire day’s production of their bourbon.

Colour: Gold. Nose: frankly, had I nosed it blind, I would have said it’s an old Dalmore, with these very obvious notes of oranges, both fresh and as marmalade or even liqueur, and of chocolate. I must say it’s fantastic, extremely elegant. Then a wee smokiness and the same kind of resinous notes as in the 30yo, plus many fresh and tinned fruits somewhat ala old Benriach, fresh bananas, papayas, hints of mangos… Also superb hints of cumin, tobacco, cashews, sandalwood… Old Forester Bourbon Birthday Edition 2020 750ml

Moreover, What an exceptional nose! Mouth: phew! I was afraid the same kind of misfortune as with the 30 would happen but not at all. Sure there’s a lot of oak but it’s fantastically polished and ‘silky’, with notes of kummel, green pepper and black Russian tea, all that being lifted by beautiful notes of grapefruits and oranges. Globally quite dry but very alive! Finish: medium long, all on ‘good’ oak, bitter chocolate and tea. Comments: I don’t know what the price for this baby will be but if it’s fair, let’s all rush out and buy a bottle because old ‘old’ Fettercairns are rare – unless you really hate oak in your malt, because oaky it is. Old Forester Bourbon Birthday


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