Asombroso 11 year Limited Edition El Carbonzado Tequila




100% blue ageve

My first double barreled creation begins with my Vintage 11 year tequila, it is then transferred for additional aging into small relatively new Tennessee Whiskey Barrels that I re-charred once they arrived in Mexico. The result is what we call El Carbonzado. To arrive at desired finished tequilain consistency and taste , it is necessary to sample the tequila monthly from each aging barrel as I found that the properties of each barrel varied from one to other. The result of this time consuming process and labor intensive is that each barrel completes its testing period somewhere between 8 to 12 months. El Carbonzado provides a deep smoky taste and an intense caramel-vanilla flavor and smooth fifnish. Labor intensive, yes, but I believe the end result is well worth all the effort.

“Founder and Master Distiller , Ricardo Gamarre.”

I did tested this morning 01/13/2013 and I love it , its very special if money no object , somthing I never tested before , so smooth and deep complex and the best finish …

Zack (Zee) /Old Town Liquor

It come with a wood and glass humudor box with dial . Also the bottle made by a famous Italian glass designer.


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