springbank scotch, Campbeltown was once a distilling powerhouse of Scotland, but that isn’t the case anymore. However, one distillery to weather the good times and bad has been the peerless Springbank. Their traditional whisky making methods have awarded them a passionate and loyal fan base; and the fact they make some brilliant single malt whisky doesn’t hurt either. A true pioneer in the world of Scotch whisky.

Founded 1828
Owner J &: A Mitchell
Production Status Operational
Capacity 750,000 Litres

So, Campbeltown was once declared the ‘World’s Captial of Whisky’ and it wasn’t an overblown claim. The small region was once home to over 30 distilleries which were revered for the high quality whiskies that they produced. Illegal distilling had been happening in the area for hundreds of years with the first mention of Campbletown whisky being in 1591.

The coastal nature of Campbeltown made is a perfect location of smuggling and the natural resources made for some top quality malts.

When Springbank was founded on the site of Archibald Mitchell’s illegal still in 1828 it was the fourteenth legitimate distillery in the area, and that number only continued to grow.

However, the popularity of Campbeltown malt became a curse as many distillers began to struggle to keep up with demand. Corner’s were cut and the quality of the whisky dropped significantly. As the blenders looked elsewhere for more consistent malt the number off distilleries dwindled too. However, Springbank survived and continued to make light, flavoursome whisky.

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Likewise, Springbank scotch has been owned and operated by the Mitchell family since it first fired up its stills and is now run by the fifth generation. Their belief in traditional whisky making methods has led Springbank to be the only distillery in Scotland where the entire process, from malting to bottling, is carried out at the distillery. It’s this devotion to their craft that has won Springbank an army of adoring fans all across the world.

Springbank is also unique in that the distillery produces three distinct styles of whisky – Springbank scotch, Longrow and Hazelburn.

So, Each has it own specialised character and each is produced in a different way.

But Campbeltown may have had a very turbulent time but Springbank has been the constant throughout all that time. A distillery that has earned its fantastic reputation.

 SPRINGBANK SCOTCH 10, 21 year old 2018, 18 for sale