Four Roses Single Barrel, Limited Edition 2012 Barrel Strength Bourbon




Four Roses Single Barrel

Firstly, This superb Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel is always one of the most eagerly anticipated releases in the Bourbon calendar year.

Further, Drawn from barrel number 81-3S, stored in warehouse SN and bottled at a barrel strength 54.8% ABV, this 12 year old Kentucky straight whiskey was bottled in 2012 and is one of just 5,178 bottles. Four Roses Single Barrel


Brand: Four Roses
Style:Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Series:Single Barrel
Cask:New American White Oak; #81-2C
This was, you understand, ‘charcoal-mellowed and double-distilled’. I would suppose that was rather the other way ’round, but there… Colour: gold. Nose: there are some obvious similarities, especially the breadiness, but this Dickel’s got a little more punch, something marginally more rural too, if that would make any sense. Compost? More fudge and caramel for sure, and less complexity. Mouth: Daniel would have it, but there’s a closeness for sure. Four Roses Single Barrel

This one’s a little more pedestrian, more on rye bread with some kind of sweet caramelly spread? What I rather enjoy here is the fermentary side, the doughs, the yeasts… How did all this go through the charcoal? Finish: medium, indeed a little less subtle than the Jack, but let’s be honest, this is perfectly and utterly all right. I would drink this. Comments: possibly one of the best of un-independent Dickel. I’m totally unable to tell you which Tennessean I like best today. The extra 6% make no difference this time.


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